Handwritten break-up letter goes viral

Girl breaks up with boyfriend with hand written note sending him on a romantic scavenger hunt to get his stuff back

Ever wondered what you would do if you came home and found your boyfriend had left his Facebook page open and that he had been talking to that girl he is not supposed to be talking to? (You know who I’m talking about!) Well, here’s a little inspiration for you in the form of a hand-written letter in which a young lady (I assume) breaks things off with a vengeful game in which her ex is forced to relive their romantic history together.

And just in case you are unable to see red or read notes written in remarkably neat girlish flourishes, here’s the transcript:

Hey Honey!

Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer, and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! 🙂 But don’t worry, I didn’t break anything! ❤ Actually, I was nice enough to package your things! And I even invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things (like other girls!) Here’s where you’ll find your stuff!

❤ Your clothes are where we first met!
❤ Your videogames are where we first kissed!
❤ Your laptop is where we bought our first videogame together!
❤ Your T.V is where we went “all the way”.
❤ Everything else, including pictures of the last 2 years of our lives, is AT KElSI’S HOUSE!

Have fun! Oh, and while I didn’t break or damage anything, I can’t guarantee anybody else won’t find it! Happy hunting!

It’s soooooooo much better handwritten in a spiral-bound notebook! I don’t know if I even would have done this post if it were a viral text message or Facebook wall post. Ah heck, who am I kidding? Sure I would have!