GYPSY SISTERS Mellie Stanley posts abuse photos after split from husband George Lee Jr

Mellie Stanley abuse photos post Facebook

Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley patched things up with the father of her youngest child (daughter Divinity) earlier this year, and in May, she and George Lee, Jr. made it official by getting married in an intimate ceremony in Kentucky. But, it appears that the happily ever after has come to an abrupt halt as Mellie announces she has left George before posting numerous graphic injury photos.

Here are links to the photos initially shared by Mellie (they are a little too much to include in the post) followed by her Facebook post announcing she and George are through:



So. George wants to get up on pat baby and tell a bunch of lies. Well here’s the truth about all this situation. George is dying for this truck and he would love to see me and his kids walking while he has a truck that is there in his moms name. I took a lot of sh!t off of George from getting beaten to being very disrespected finding woman’s numbers in his pants pocket to seeing his texts to other woman. All George loves for is methadone and whatever else he can get his hands on. Me or divinity was ever his priority we would always be put last if he had 15 dollars I would starve as long as he got his dose for the day But I put up with a lot because my heart didn’t want to let him go and I didn’t want to have to go find another person to love. He had his good days but that’s only if he got everything his way. I never felt loved I never felt like I meant anything to him so I gave him what I thought he deserved and that was to remove my self out of his life. And even now all he wants is the truck that’s all he talks to me about. Now I finally walked away and it’s hard but I know what’s best for myself and for my daughter

Mellie followed that post with another photo that she added in the comments section showing an alleged injury to her foot:

Mellie Stanley foot injury

“Forgot to post that one,” Mellie wrote. “Fractured my foot cause I tried to ge your the truck [??] and he started driving off fast someone seen it and called them cops out.”

Meanwhile, the Gypsy Gossip: Tattle Tales Facebook page shared a series of screen caps reportedly showing George’s VERY lengthy, and VERY irate reaction to Mellie leaving. In it he implies that Mellie lies about things, although he doesn’t explain where the injuries in the photos came from. He also has a very unfortunate (in many ways) statement about Mellie and how she doesn’t do the laundry regularly:

Yall know its ashame when everytime the clothes got dirty they didnt get washed well I mean they did but time wise you woman who actually cleans and washes clothes for your man ill give yall a standing avivation and hand clap.

Here’s the rest of what George wrote, with a little bit (I assume) cut off at the end. It also includes a screen cap photo of a text message conversation he says was with Mellie after she called the police on him earlier that night:

Mellie Stanley estranged husband George Lee responds to break up and abuse allegations 1
Mellie Stanley estranged husband George Lee responds to break up and abuse allegations 2
Mellie Stanley estranged husband George Lee responds to break up and abuse allegations 3
Mellie Stanley George Lee text

Regardless of the he said/she said, it sounds like yet another volatile relationship for Mellie. I’ve always kind of liked Mellie, but she certainly has a propensity for making decisions that are self destructive — especially when it comes to relationships. That being said, if the relationship with George was violent, then I am certainly glad she had finally called it quits. Of course, these two have broken up in a less-than-amicable manner before, and they still got back together.

Being that it is still close to Thanksgiving, doing this post reminds me that I am thankful for my relatively boring life.

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