Redneck Island casts rumored AJ McCarron fling Margaret Wood


CMT has announced the cast for the upcoming 4th season of the wildy popular reality-competition show Redneck Island. Among the 24 hopefuls this time around is former Playboy model Margaret Wood.

The 22-year-old from Pontotoc, Mississippi made headlines previously when she alleged that she spent the evening with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron while he was dating internet sensation Katherine Webb.

Wood told Radar:

“We were hanging out at his house, and I had been drinking, so he didn’t want me to drive. I did not stay at a hotel. That’s all I can say. I’m trying to be careful about what I say because I feel really bad.”


After explaining that she originally met McCarron at an Ole Miss – Bama game she added:

“AJ and I are just friends. People are blowing this out of proportion. One, I’m not a porn model. Two, it’s just stupid. Why do people care. He should be able to do what he wants to do with friends. I should be able to do what I want to do. I feel bad for him.”

Margaret Wood’s bio courtesy of CMT:

Margaret is a Southern princess who knows how to always get her way. She has modeled for Playboy magazine and loves to hit the parties at the mansion. Margaret wasn’t always a wild child. She was a 4.0 student and cheered and played the flute in the high school marching band. When she has too much to drink, she shows affection to everyone and everything, even her ex-boyfriends. This pretty girl claims she wants everyone to underestimate her and plans to use her looks to her advantage to take everyone down. Even though she is a model, you can find this Southern girl chowing down on fried chicken any day of the week. If she wins the money, Margaret plans to save it all for her daughter’s college fund.

Here’s a pic of Margaret with her daughter via her Instagram account. You can also keep up with Wood via Twitter here.


The 4th Season of Redneck Island hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jesse James Decker premieres December 4 at 9/8c on CMT.

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