Gretchen Rossi will never get breast implants, is a “sugar mama” instead of a “golddigger”


Gretchen Rossi recently gave an interview to FOX News where she denied getting breast implants, and claims she never will. She also used the opportunity to promote her new website The Gretchen Project, which is about “finding alternative ways to maintain everlasting beauty without having to go under the knife.”

Gretchen feels strongly about the decision to remain silicone-free because she feels so pressured by her environment. You can send her Nobel Prize nomination to Slade Smiley’s house.

Speaking of Slade, Gretchen also mentioned her “Sugar mama” status. She did to shoot down the theory that she was a goldigger when she “dated” Jeff Beitzel (who left her $2.5 million when he died of leukemia). But the implication behind this is that now that’s she flush with cash from working for a living as a real estate agent, working/dating Jeff Bietzel, and joining the Real Housewives cast, she can be broke Slade Smiley’s “Sugar Mama.” That’s probably been her real dream all along, and sometimes a little golddigging can help you achieve your dreams!

Click here to view the Gretchen Project I’m really interested in seeing. Maybe she can collaborate with Sheree and Lisa about having a runway show. She’s already made out with Nene, let the Housewives crossover begin.

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