Gretchen Rossi Wants To Have Slade Smiley’s Kids

All Real Housewives of Orange County fans can start groaning: Gretchen Rossi, who hooked up with the loathsome Slade Smiley last season, is now making the rounds announcing she wants to have Slade’s children. Could she possibly be preparing us for a marriage and kids storyline on RHOC Season 6? Or even worse: a spin-off?

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Gretchen says she’s a “stepmom” to Slade’s two kids: 20-year-old Gavin and young Grayson. RHOC fans will know that Grayson is Slade’s son with an inoperable brain tumor, who Slade is rumored to be massively behind on child support. Slade and Gretchen have denied this up and down, claiming it’s misunderstanding.

If it is, Gretchen will soon find out just how good Slade is at supporting his kids; she wants to have a “whole football team!”

“I joke to Slade that I want a football team of kids! We’ve definitely talked about having kids, but I’m old fashioned and I’d like to be married before the kids come into the picture. So we’ll see what happens, but I definitely want my own kids one day.”

One other hurdle: Slade’s vasectomy! In an episode on last season of RHOC, Slade did say he would be willing to have it reversed. So, Gretchen may get her very own football team just yet!

Image: Flynet Pictures