Golden Corral responds to dumpster food storage video posted by employee


A Golden Corral franchise restaurant in Port Orange, Florida is under investigation after a concerned employee posted a video exposing what appears to be some seriously unsafe food storage practices.

Brandon Huber, who’s being called the Eric Snowden of the buffet business, starts off his clip by stating, “Apparently what my company likes to do to get ready for inspections is to put their food by the dumpsters.” Then in the rough shot video he shows some raw hamburger patties and ribs among other stacked food items housed by the fenced-in dumpster area outside of the establishment.

Huber added, “To me this is disgusting. I’m an employee here. I’ve been working here for a long time. I don’t feel this is right.” The video found its way to Reddit and it went viral, having received over 2 million views since it appeared on July 1.

The Florida Department of Business and Regulation stated that a complaint had been filed with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, which will be conducting an investigation into the matter. Oddly enough, Golden Corral responded to the clip via the comments section under the video (I can’t recall a corporation handling a PR problem this way before).

Here’s what the chain which has more than 500 locations in over 30 states had to say:


Mr. Huber followed up his original clip with another post from July 7 (these are like dispatches from buffet world or something) in which he says he wouldn’t eat the food he prepares as well as claiming that the restaurant was going to wheel the food from the video back in after the inspection.

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