Florida mom tasered by officer holding toddler she tossed at him


When you enforce the law in Florida you better be prepared for just about anything.

Last week an SUV driven by 28-year-old Tamika Williams clipped a tree, rolled over and crashed into a fence in Orlando. Williams got out of the vehicle after the accident, but then got back in and tried to drive away, this according to a witness who was woken up by the crash. The vehicle was not operational so Williams walked away from the scene with her 2-year-old daughter.

When the police arrived they demanded that Williams stop walking but she refused to do so. In response, one of the officers ran in front of her to stop her progress. Williams reacted by tossing her toddler at the officer, “forcing me to catch the baby,” he later reported.

Williams then punched a female officer in the head and continued swinging until the officer who had caught her little girl was forced to tase her with his stun gun while holding her child to get her to stop.


The Orlando Sentinel reports that Tamika Williams was arrested on charges of child neglect, battery on a law-enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and leaving the scene of an accident. She was taken, along with her daughter, to an area hospital.

The child has been placed in state custody.

This isn’t the first case of a Florida mom tossing her child during a run-in with the law, as 23-year-old Ashley Taylor Wright reportedly did the same with her baby back in July.

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