Farrah Abraham’s erotic romance novel is coming along, Amazon wish list sells out

Farrah Abraham Kiss Swimsuit

Farrah Abraham is adding to her veritable list of career accomplishments with the release of her first erotic romance novel. It should serve as a nice follow-up to Passy Perfume.

The New York Times bestselling author mentioned her upcoming (sure to be) literary masterpiece during a post-VMA party.

“Right now I’m working on a new song that will be released next month, my spin-off show and an erotic romance novel,” Farrah told Newsday on Sunday night.

The published author previously expressed her desire to delve into the erotic lit genre in January by asking fans for suggestions on her Sulia page. (In an effort to preserve her creative genius, we kept all spelling and grammar errors in tact.)

Oh my this has been on my mind ever since the 50 shades popularity swept through te states.

So if I wrote a Romance, fantasy book I would think about these tittles; some sarcastic, some actual real titles I would consider.

After you read let me know some fun scandelous titles that pass through your naughty noggin!

-Ballistic (for the love of balls)

– Sexcapade (for the love of a housewife)

-Becky Becky ( for the love of dark chocolate lovers)

– Go Head ( for the love of highschoolers & college crowds)

-Cumlotty ( for the love of fraturnity and young professionals)

these are funny yet scandelous, let me know what you want to read out of a fantacy romance book.

In case F.L. Abraham hasn’t come up with a title or theme, we humbly suggest one for her consideration…

Farrah Abraham erotic romance book cover

While speaking with Newsday, Farrah also commented viewers of her (unlikely) spin-off show can “expect to see me being on top of everything.” I think we can all agree that should be a nice change from her position in Farrah Superstar.

In other Farrah news, Radar reports the items from her Amazon wish list have all been bought. Farrah also weighed in on the backlash to her public gift requests.

“You know what? I think if they are so hateful towards having an Amazon wish list, I recommend that they maybe make their own wish list. It’s just something fun like having any other app for whatever list you would like to create, like Pinterests, that you have,” Farrah argued to Radar. “So I mean everyone has their own money, everyone strives to buy their own things, but I’m fortunate, I guess, because I receive amazing gifts all the time from people… So I think any negative comments can be kept to themselves.”

We’ve since learned Farrah’s fellow adult entertainment stars may have been the ones who recommended she make the wish list. According to National Blacklist‘s Escort Librarywish lists are common among call girls. (We’re not going the Myla Sinaj route and suggesting Farrah’s an escort. This also seems to be common among p0rn stars.)

Regardless of how Farrah got the idea for a wish list, it seems the plot worked in her favor. Next time you go to dinner at her house, you can expect to sit beneath two $650+ chandeliers while dining at a $1,300 table.

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