Farrah Abraham recommends asking Santa for a “tummy tuck classic,” lipo, or a face lift

'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham after chin implant and nose job

It’s no secret that Farrah Abraham is a fan of plastic surgery. The Teen Mom star may only be 21-years-old, but she’s already gotten a breast augmentation, a chin implant, and nose job. On top of that, she recently revealed plans for even more surgery, including a second breast augmentation and liposuction, so it’s not that surprising that Farrah would market the idea as a Christmas gift.

Over the weekend, Farrah took to her Sulia channel where she wrote a post titled “Plastic Surgery Holiday Gift?” She began, “In past months, I have received some enhancements for the better, so let me know if this holiday season your hoping to get a gift.” The rest of the post read,

Leave comments on doctors you would recommend but here are some holiday gift specials!

1. Tummy Tuck classic
2. Lipo suction
3. Facelift

Interesting popular cosmetic surgeries for the holidays!

Farrah even took it upon herself to recommend Plastic Sugery Seattle to her fans. “See this offices specials,” she wrote, along with a link to the company’s website. However, it was Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Bal Harbor who did her “super great” work.

Unfortunately, her fans didn’t seem to be to into the idea. In fact, the only comment she got was from a very opinionated fan who said, “You look worse then you did before! Don’t tell young girls its an ok thing to do. It’s disgusting to put this out there like its a thing to give as a Christmas gift!”

For the record, we think her new book, “Passy Perfume,” would make a much better, and more practical gift.

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