EXCLUSIVE Writings from Dr. Drew Pinsky’s stalker Charles Pearson

Dr. Drew stalker Charles Pearson mug shot photo

Police arrested 33-year-old Charles Pearson yesterday for felony stalking of radio and television personality Dr. Drew Pinsky. Pearson repeatedly threatened Dr. Drew and his family via the internet, including one message “in which Pearson said he would kill Dr. Drew’s children and make his wife eat them,” according to TMZ.

Police arrested Charles Pearson at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California and he is being held on $150,000 bail.

Pearson believed Dr. Drew (Full name: David Drew Pinsky) was responsible for placing a device in his genitals called a “GED” that would occasionally “hit” him in the penis and cause burning on his legs. Along with Dr. Drew, Pearson also blamed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles for his woes.

From what I can tell by looking through his web site, Pearson also believes he received a Russian implant in his spine and/or rib during a stint at UCLA’s Olive View hospital. Oh, and he also has an obsession with the FBI and KKK.

Apparently Charles was manic about taking screen captures while surfing and he would sometimes go back and add images and/or text. Here’s an example of what he did to Warren Buffett’s Wikipedia page (Click image to see a larger photo in the gallery):

Image created by Dr. Drew's stalker Charles Pearson using Warren Buffett's Wikipedia page

But he not only took screen captures while surfing the internet, he would also document checking his email, paying credit card bills, filling out disability forms – everything! Here is a very disturbing picture of his yahoo mail account’s “sent” folder. Dr. Drew’s radio show email address (loveline@lovelineshow…) can be seen numerous times as well as the email addresses for the FBI, MIT and KROQ, the Los Angeles radio station that host’s Dr. Drew’s show:

Dr. Drew stalker Charles Pearson's sent emails from his yahoo email account

Here are a few more of Pearson’s observations:

Scary message from Dr. Drew stlaker Charles Pearson

Click to enlarge:
Charles Pearson virtual collage with the 98.7.com website

Dr. Drew stalker Charles Pearson message

Click to enlarge:
More of Charles Pearson's insane ramblings

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