Bobbi Kristina Update: Family prepares to say goodbye as feuding continues

Cissy One

Bobbi Kristina’s family is moving her back to her Roswell GA townhome–ostensibly because they think the setting will be good for her, but, practically, so they can say goodbye. The current family plan is to throw out all traces of BK’s drug-ridden life with Nick Gordon, surround her with photos of her mother, and let her be at peace.

And, when news broke earlier this week that Bobbi Kristina would be coming back to her townhome, it seemed that Cissy Houston’s prediction might have been proven right. Cissy has said in several interviews since BK’s accident that her granddaughter’s brain damage is irreversible, and that she has turned all hope of a recovery over to God. Though there have been few medical updates on BK’s condition from doctors or medical professionals, many onlookers took Cissy’s comments as the strongest confirmation yet that there really was no hope for a recovery, and that it was time to let Bobbi Kristina go.

In addition to her remarks on her granddaughter, though, Cissy has insinuated that Bobby Brown was to blame for Whitney Houston’s death. Not directly responsible, of course, but responsible through both conduct and neglect. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly as well as a variety of other sources, Cissy made it clear that she felt her daughter had been mistreated for years:


My baby tried. She did. She just had the wrong partner, you know? Whitney was a very soft and easy person….She was kind. She was free hearted. All of that, and sometimes people didn’t treat her nice….She’s my baby. I always wanted a daughter.


Which led to Bobby’s cousin Jerod unleashing a Facebook post of frustration and anger upon Cissy:


Cissy: So now the blame of auntie Whitney is my uncle Bobby? No disrespect grandma Cissy, instead of you pointing fingers to a man that gave as much of himself as she did, a love neither one of us can digest, embrace, create, understand, or survive through, try pointing that same finger to find out what truly happen to auntie Whitney. Your daughter. Yet my uncle is bashed for keeping his daughter alive as long as he desires. A few family members including myself are bashed for asking the world to pray. You gave up along time ago. We, The Browns are built on true faith, and the results are remarkable.


Meanwhile, Nick Gordon remains estranged from both girlfriend Bobbi Kristina and the members of her family, many of whom blame him for BK’s spiral into drug use. Though he’s out of rehab and desperate for a visit, Gordon has gotten the cold shoulder from Houstons and Browns alike. He sent out a plea via Twitter this week–Gordon has since deleted the tweet, but it read “If even she isn’t the way she wasn’t before I love her , give me a chance.”


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