EXCLUSIVE Nikkole Paulun opens up about baby daddy Mike Sindone, debuts baby bump

Mike Sindone and 16 & Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun is currently pregnant with her second child, but unfortunately, the circumstances she’s in with the child’s father are not good. In fact, according to Nikkole, he has a girlfriend and things are rocky between them all. So, who is the mystery guy? According to Nikkole it’s MMA fighter Mike Sindone.

Nikkole and Mike had began their relationship shortly after Nikkole had split from the father of her son Lyle, Josh Drummonds. While the Nikkole and Josh hadn’t been together since she gave birth to their son, they had gotten back together early last year and things were going really well — they even got engaged. But then, in November, Josh caught Nikkole cheating on him and they split. At the time, Nikkole admitted to her two-timing but hinted that there may be a bit more to the story. But back to Mike..

Mike Sindone and Nikkole Paulun at her prom

The two certainly didn’t just have some sort of one night stand like Mike may want people to believe. These two go way back. Nikkole tells Starcasm exclusively, “We met 3 years ago at the county fair. We were watching the derby and he was sitting next to me and my friend dropped her phone down under the bleachers and I had just won a fish so I asked him to hold them and when I came back he named the fish and got my number.” The two even went to Nikkole’s prom together as you can see from the photo above.

Although Nikkole confirms that they were never exactly “Facebook official,” they were, let’s say.. involved. “It’s always been a friends with benefits thing. From March 2011 until August 2011 we were pretty much dating. I stayed at his house almost everyday and Lyle stayed there too. We said I love you and all that.”

Recently, Nikkole spoke with her former 16 & Pregnant co-star Jenelle Evans about her what’s now going on with Mike, and it isn’t pretty. As Jenelle explained on Sulia, “[Mike] has made really rude and harsh comments against Nikkole on his Twitter.” She went on to add a few of his tweets which read “She’s not good enough to be a teen mom… your another sl*t that got pregnant when she was 15” and “You’re the wh*re and everyone knows it.” And apparently, Mike’s girlfriend has also gotten in on some of the action against Nikkole, calling her “unclassy” and a “wh*re.”

16 & Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun shows off her baby bump for baby #2
Nikkole Paulun baby bump photoNikkole Paulun pregnant belly photos
^ Nikkole Paulun baby bump photos from Twitter and instagram

Earlier this week, Mike had a few more not-so-nice comments about Nikkole — he even claimed she might not be pregnant (he must not have seen the photo  above). “She doesn’t know who the dad is. Don’t come at me like you know what’s goin on. Leave me and [Teri] alone,” he tweeted, adding, “Besides she supposedly had an abortion and has been out drinking. Great mom right there. Don’t assume shit when you don’t know the truth.”

But Nikkole is giving us the truth and knows where all of the rumors Mike’s tweeting came from. “This really annoying fat kid named Derek always blows up my stuff and he’s one of Mike’s close friends,” Nikkole explains to us. “Well, when me and Sam went to the casino he kept calling my phone. I didn’t answer, but finally I gave my phone to Sam to talk to him and she was messing with him but never said anyone was drunk but he’s going around saying I was drinking. I told Mike I would get an abortion out of fear and also to make him stop arguing with me over it. I still don’t know who started the ‘don’t know who the dad is’ rumor but I talked to someone who heard it and they said people think it could be Josh’s which if I was 14+ weeks it could, but I’m 10 1/2 so it’s definitely not. He’s never doubted the baby or been super mean until I told his girlfriend he was cheating.” And that seems to be pretty recently.

Nikkole says, the last time they were involved was “exactly two weeks ago!”

Here’s Mike in action:

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