VIDEO Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella interview with CBS News

16 and Pregnant Alex Sekella

The girls of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 were in New York City last weekend to film their reunion special with Dr. Drew. But, while they were there, a few of the moms helped promote the show by making appearances and doing interviews. Briana DeJesus and Katie Yeager were featured on Good Morning America and Alexandria Sekella made a video for CBS news.

In the clip, Alex talks about what it was like becoming a mother so young, including how it happened and how it has impacted her life. The video also features footage from Alex’s episode, which looks to be quite dramatic thanks to her baby daddy Matt McCann’s drug problem and Alex’s lack of aversion to getting loud when the situation calls for it:

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Here are some quotes and highlights from the video:

“I was 16 years old when I got pregnant, right before my 17th birthday. And I was a junior.”

“My friends were excited … ‘Oh my god, you’re going to have a baby! It’s going to be awesome!’ Yeah. You think that because she’s not yours.”

“I really, really wish that I hadn’t become pregnant because an entire year of dance I missed.”

Alex got pregnant even though she was on birth control and her boyfriend Matt was using a condom. Alex was on an antibiotic for a bacterial infection which neutralized her birth control, so when they had a condom burst, it resulted in a pregnancy.

16 and Pregnant Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy Matt

“[Matt] was like, ‘Oh I’m gonna be a dad! It’s gonna be so cool!’ He was really excited about the whole thought of everything and then four or five months down the line that totally fell apart.”

She mentions wondering what if she had given up her daughter for adoption, which is something she appears to seriously consider in the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 trailer.

“I rarely see my friends any more. The only friends that I do see are the people that I work with. I’m working three jobs: at a clothing store, a fast food restaurant, and as a dance teacher.”

“My mother has said to me, ‘I will babysit her, but I will not care for her.’ I have to pay for the things I need to pay for.”

Alex talks about turning down offers from her friends to go out partying because she has responsibilities at home.

“In a month and three days I’m set to graduate. I want to set the standards, and finish, and get my diploma because that’s the only way I’m going to make a better life for my child.”