EXCLUSIVE Ashlee Wilson-Hawn post-fight interview

Ashlee Wilson Hawn of 'Big Rich Atlanta'

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn was recently involved in an epic on-screen brawl with her Big Rich Atlanta co-star, Kahdijiha Rowe. While she insists she’s innocent (she even filed charges), some reports have claimed otherwise, so Ashlee’s speaking with Starcasm to set the record straight and dish out even more details about what went down during and after the fight.

When you approached Kahdijah about the cupcakes did you have any clue that things would get physical?

I was afraid to go and approach her, but I felt there was enough backing with other people there present that it would not have escalated to physical harm.

Did you know she had a problem with you before the party?

She had made threats before that night and I walked off, as I have never been around violence in my entire life, so it was shocking! I would never touch anyone physically in violence and did not touch her that night and never will in the future. She can make any excuse she wants for her violence and claim she feels like I deserved it, but no one ever deserves violence, especially not on a television set making TV. All I can say is that is hate and I bless her and pray she gets major help and that having felony charges will be a wake up call for her to keep her hands to herself in the future!

Why was Kahdijah at your party to begin with? Did you invite her?

Production invited her. No way in the world would I have ever invited her to my own party after she has threatened me so many times previously.

What was going through your head when things got physical with Kahdijiha?

I wished I had my security and panic button that night! I knew she was a loose dangerous cannon. I made many complaints about her because I knew that she didn’t “get” that we are on the show to entertain. She threatened violence the fourth time I had ever seen her, and then she attacked me during the birthday scene, which was the fifth time I had seen her. When the police came to the scene, I didn’t even know her last name, but she was certainly on a mission to physically “take me down.”

After the fight, did any of the girls reach out to you?

Yes. Harvin and Meyer were very supportive.

What did your co-stars think of Kahdijah’s actions at your party?

They were mortified.

How long did it take you before you felt comfortable getting back to filming? (We heard you took a break)

Almost two months. Continuous therapy and professional advice.

Big Rich Atlanta Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Kahdijiha Rowe

Have you and Kahdijah spoken since?

Absolutely not.

Have you filmed with her since?

Yes, once…But I ensured I had an ample amount of security with me at all times.

Did anything positive come out of it?

My foundation Divarella, a non-profit raising awareness against violence and hate.

What do you say about her claiming self-defense?

If she was defending herself, where are her injuries?

What do you think about the possibility that Kahdijiha could file a counter suit?

How is that possible when I never touched her? Despite what some may think they saw on-air. I NEVER laid my hands on her. If I had touched her, don’t you think she too would filed a police report? They were there to protect and serve me, just as much as they would have her.

Starcasm also recently spoke with an eyewitness at the party — for that interview, click here.

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