Danielle Staub Videos – All My Children, Today Show, Umbra And Mu Dills

Danielle StaubFor anyone who has watched an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey or read the book Cop Without A Badge, it’s obvious that Danielle Staub gets around. And now, thanks to her newfound infamy, she’s not just exposing herself and getting intimate with any man that so much as winks in her direction, but also every video camera that gets within twenty feet of her. Thanks to our legal system, the much-touted Danielle Sex Video release date has been put on hold, but that hasn’t stopped the surge of other Staub videos from surfacing on the web. Here are a few of my favorites, including Danielle’s brief appearance on the soap opera All My Children back in 2001.

Danielle on All My Children

Danielle is typecast as just some woman a guy is trying to have sex with.

Danielle co-hosts the Today show with Hoda Kotb.

Danielle on the explosive reaction from Today Show fans when it was announced she would be co-hosting: “I’m honored…You either love me or hate me. Either way you’re thinking about me.”
On how she was portrayed on the Housewives show: “It was me, but it’s not really me in my soul.”
As a preface to why she was dating a 26-year old: “Long relationships are my thing.”

Mu Dills meets Danielle

Danielle is introduced to the word “Imuhgiyowan”

Danielle interviewed by Umbra on World Oceans Day

Danielle on how we can heal the oceans: “Please stop dumping anything and everything in there except for throwing back the fish that belong there in the first place.”

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