Drunk David Arquette on Howard Stern: Ramblings on Courteney Cox, Hitler

David Arquette Howard Stern

A self-described drunk David Arquette called Howard Stern’s Sirius FM radio show on Wednesday to share his musings on his ex-wife’s love life, religion and Hitler.

E! News transcribed the conversation, which began with David praising Howard.

“You’re amazing. You are incredible. You are God. We’re all gods in our own way. We’re all droplets of God… The whole game is to entertain God. God created us all. God is love,” said David. “The best feeling is love… We’re all connected. It’s all the same.”

David made news two months ago when he revealed on Howard’s show that he was drinking and smoking weed, even though he went to rehab for those problems in 2011. In his latest call to Howard, David said he was wasted on scotch and Dom Pérignon.

“This is the most controversial thing I’m going to say. It’s very controversial, and I’m sorry, and I apologize to anyone I’m going to offend. And I’m wasted and I’ll get sober tomorrow… But Hitler played the game very well. He did. Listen, yeah, he played his game very well. He convinced a lot of people to play his f**king evil game. He played the game really well, but he was playing the wrong game,” David said, explaining the right game is “the game of love.”

David also spoke about his ex-wife, Courteney Cox, calling her “the most brilliant, beautiful friend” he ever met.


Unfortunately for him, he might be on her bad side after revealing the details of her love life — which Courteney refuses to do.

“She’s with someone who loves and cares for her. That’s all I care about,” David said, explaining Courteney recently split with Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt.

Although he was eager to talk about his ex-wife’s relationship status, David only briefly mentioned his current girlfriend, Christina McLarty.

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