Amanda Markert reaches out via Twitter for Pauly D to come visit his daughter


Jersey Shore reality star Pauly D has yet to meet his daughter Amabella, but he recently told In Touch that he is working on changing that stating, “Everything in my life will now revolve around her and what’s best for her.” The 33-year-old DJ, who is seeking full custody, added:

“I cannot wait to meet her. I’ve never been so excited in my entire life. I’m proud to be a father, and I’m ready for it.”

In response, the baby’s mother, Amanda Markert, has spoken with RumorFix about Pauly’s recent request via his lawyers to take little Amabella with him for two weeks. She said:

“Pauly wanted to pick up my daughter and keep her for two weeks, not even giving me specific locations or anything. They didn’t even bother to ask if I’m breast feeding, what her diet is, or anything like that! All the request said is that Pauly wants to pick up Amabella tomorrow and he’ll return her November 13.”

Amanda went on to say that she worries that refusing the request will make it look like she’s denying rights to Pauly when she argues that she’s doing what “any mother would do” in her predicament.

Now the former Hooters waitress has taken to Twitter to reach out to Pauly D with several pleas for him to visit and for them to work things out.

Pauly’s rep told RumorFix:

“Paul and his entire family are eager to meet and spend time with Paul’s daughter. Paul has been requesting visitation for quite some time now, but his requests have either gone unresponded to or denied. He and his family are committed to being a significant part of his daughter’s life and are excited to make that a reality.”

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