Drew Barrymore issues statement after death of half-sister Jessica

Drew Barrymore with her late half sister Jessica Barrymore
Jessica and Drew Barrymore – 2004

Actress Drew Barrymore’s half-sister Jessica Blyth Barrymore was found dead Tuesday inside of a parked car in National City, California.

The woman who discovered Barrymore, Marta Lopez, told 10News out of San Diego that she was blocked in her driveway by the vehicle:

“You need help, you need help,” she told her, but the woman did not respond.

Lopez said the seat was reclined and the woman had a SoBe energy drink between her legs.

Then, Lopez looked at her neck to see if she was breathing, but something was terribly wrong. Over on the passenger seat, there was another disturbing image: dozens of white pills scattered around. That is when Lopez called police.

Jessica and Drew have the same father, John Drew Barrymore, but the half-sisters were not close. Jessica’s mother is actress Nina Wayne – John’s 4th wife.

A rep for Drew Barrymore issued the following statement, “Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible, and I’m so incredibly sorry for their loss.”

Jessica Barrymore’s cause of death has yet to be determined. An autopsy has been scheduled.

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