Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith has a major secret


Because we know y’all switched over to Downton Abbey in the middle of the Super Bowl, you already know that Edith’s terrible times just got more troublesome: Lady Edith received a letter from her doctor saying that she’s probably, most definitely pregnant with estranged lover Micheal Gregson’s baby!

Michael isn’t just estranged, he’s missing, and may even be dead. The baby’s father going AWOL is drama enough, but Edith’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy is sure to throw the aristocratic family for a loop. How long will she keep it a secret? Where is Michael? What will the Dowager Countess say about it?

There is no doubt that Edith’s sister Lady Mary will be challenged to find something more icy to say than her everyday zingers. What’s colder than cold, Lady Mary?

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