Dispute settled: Paul Anka gets 50% publishing rights for co-writing Michael Jackson’s “This is It” in 1983

Paul Anka gets 50% publishing rights to Michael Jackson song "This is It"

Paul Anka caused a fuss earlier today over the new Michael Jackson song released on the internet, “This is It” (Listen to it here) because he co-wrote the song. Michael’s estate immediately acknowledged Anka’s role in the song’s creation and John Branca, the special administrator for Michael Jackson’s estate, worked with Anka’s lawyer to get him his fair share of the rights. He walked away with 50% publishing rights, which is a pretty sweet deal. Although the song itself was released for free over the internet, the Anka get’s a cut on the sales of anything that uses the song.

Anka is cool with the outcome and told TMZ it was all an “honest mistake.”

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