Did Tamra Barney give Vicki Gunvalson the evil eye?

Tarmra Barney evil eye to brooks

The season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County happened last night (after about 45 episodes at Heather Debrow’s “You ate my bow” party) and “evil eye” ruled the final part of the evening which is allegedly what Tamra gave to Vicki Gunvalson according to boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Did it even really happen? What is an “evil eye,” anyway? Either way it was said a total of 29 times throughout the entire episode!

First, let’s establish what an “evil eye” is. It’s a look, a poisons, witchy look mean to cause harm on someone else. Many, many cultures believe that some gazes not only make you feel sh*tty because they’re so full of hate and venom, but can actually cause you harm beyond the hurt feelings. Even if you don’t believe in magic, a hateful glance can cause emotional injury.

Evil eye symbolism has actually been featured on the show before with Tamra. Last season Tamra Barney invited the girls over to sell them apparel emblazoned with an “Evil Eye” (to help ward off bad spirits.) Back then Gretchen Rossi wasn’t BFFs with Tamra, and stuck the knife in by saying she needed to wear an Evil Eye hat to keep away Tamra! So, obviously, Tamra was already a little sensitive to “evil eye” accusations!

After Sarah Winchester was ousted from Heather’s party for drunkenly eating a bow off of Heather’s cake, the rest of the cast (minus Alexis) gathered around to laugh, drink, and discuss. Slade made a self-depreciating joke, and everyone seemed to be having a really good time until Brooks looked at Tamra and saw an “evil eye!” Tamra said she was just rolling her eyes because she thought it was BS that Vicki toasted Alexis, but Brooks took it personally. He confronted her with “Oh really, you have to go there?”

Tamra denied giving Vicki an “evil eye,” but things just went out of control from there, and Vicki and Tamra got into a nasty screaming match over Brooks. Tamra accused Vicki of letting Brooks tell her what to think, and then Vicki and Brooks stormed out of the party. Tamra followed Vicki, and Vicki screamed at Tamra to apologize to her for speaking that way to the man she loved. After Vicki went outside, Vicki’s daughter Briana told Tamra that she had similar concerns about Brooks, and Vicki blew up at her to when she raised them. Outside Vicki asked Briana’s husband to go take Briana away from Tamra so she wouldn’t get “corruption in her mind.”

Briana came out to confront Vicki, and struck a cord with Brooks when she accused Vicki and Brooks of isolating themselves. They went back to Heather’s party for a final toast, and Vicki delivered a godfather-like declaration that either “you’re in or you’re out” with her and her decision to date Brooks.

CLICK HERE to watch the video on Bravo of Tamra and Brooks arguing about The Evil Eye.

What do you think, did Brooks and Vicki overreact to Tamra’s “Evil eye?”