Details emerge about Amanda Bynes’ situation: ‘She is absolutely out of control’

Amanda Bynes without a wig real hair

Amanda Bynes reportedly took one step forward during her conservatorship — but two steps back after it ended earlier this month.

“Amanda is smoking pot again and drinking,” a source told Radar Online. “She stopped taking her psychiatric medications also. She is absolutely out of control, and having the conservatorship end is probably the worst thing in the world for her.”

According to TMZ, parents Rick and Lynn Bynes “saw no need” to extend her conservatorship because they were convinced she was cured. Lynn previously said Amanda’s only problem was with marijuana and that she “has no mental illness whatsoever.”

When Amanda was arrested on early Sunday morning for suspicion of DUI, she was reportedly under the influence of marijuana and Adderall. She failed several field sobriety tests and seemed “out of it,” a source said.

Amanda’s parents later told TMZ they “don’t know” anything about their daughter’s whereabouts. They thought she may have gone to New York City, but other sources confirm she is still in Southern California.

In addition to the alleged drug and family problems, Amanda reportedly flunked out of classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), even though she was lauded as an “ideal student” last spring.

Amanda Bynes Now - FIDM
Amanda Bynes and her parents at a FIDM event in March.

“Amanda just stopped going to classes. Everything had been going very well for her up until the conservatorship ended,” a source told Radar. “Her instructors tried to reach out to Amanda, given her history of very public breakdowns, but got no response.”

Amanda reportedly also ended talks with networks that were interested in doing in-depth interviews or sending her to New York for Fashion Week.

“This is truly just sad. Amanda had been making such great strides,” a source said. “Now, it’s very clear. She needs to get back into treatment.”

UPDATE People reports Amanda’s conservatorship actually ended in June and her parents haven’t been in contact with her since.

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