Derick Dillard fundraiser shut down by Pure Charity website

Derick Dillard fundraiser shut down

The day after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Counting On star Derick Dillard launched a fundraising campaign in hopes of raising $6,500 “for various missions opportunities…including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad.” Within just a few days, the campaign was removed — apparently by the hosting website due to a violation of their terms of use.

Here is the message displayed by when you attempt to view Derick Dillard’s fundraising page:

This fundraiser is no longer available.

This fundraiser was removed because of violations of our Terms of Use for Registered User Conduct.

We have removed the fundraiser and have informed the nonprofit of this decision.

Derick and Jill Dillard asking for donations

I read through the site’s Terms of Use and ran across this specification:

Private foundations, individuals and disqualified supporting organizations are not considered Charitable Organizations eligible to receive Distributions of Fund Assets.

Although the money being raised would eventually go to the Cross Church School of Ministry, which I am guessing is an eligible charity organization, the money was being raised for Derick himself to pay for his “one-year, ministry, residency experience” there. It is purely speculation on my part, but this might be the reason the campaign was removed.

There was also a clause that specified that users cannot “impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a Pure Charity official, forum leader, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.” That had me wondering if perhaps the campaign was fake — but then I remembered that both Derick and Jill’s verified Twitter accounts shared links:

Neither Derick nor Jill have addressed the shutting down of the fundraising campaign. Also quiet is the Cross Church School of Ministry.

The premature demise of his fundraising campaign is just the latest bad news for Derick Dillard, who is reportedly falling out of favor at TLC after his comments about I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings. Derick called the “reality” show an oxymoron before adding: “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

I’m thinking Derick could save a little face if he went down to the coastal region of Texas or Louisiana and did the Lord’s work by helping those in need after Hurricane Harvey.

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