Danielle Staub calls police after phone call from Danny Aguilar

Jan 05, 2010 - New York, New York, USA - 'Real housewives of New Jersey' reality star DANIELLE STAUB attends the New York premiere of 'Youth In Revolt' held at the Regal Cinemas Union Square. © Red Carpet Pictures

Why can’t the people in Danielle Staub’s life just let bygones be bygones? We’ve all been arrested at some point in our lives for eight felonies, including extortion, cocaine possession, and narcotics conspiracy right? Everybody’s out to get poor Danielle though, including Danny Aguilar, the man she was arrested with back in 1986. Danny called his old flame Danielle Sunday night asking for $100,000 in compensation for bailing her out almost 25 years ago!

Radar Online reports that Aguilar, who served fifteen years in prison after Danielle Staub (then named Beverly Merrill) made a deal with federal prosecutors to testify against Aguilar in exchange for only being charged with one felony count and sentenced to just five years probation in addition to being ordered to participate in a drug treatment program. (You can read all about the specifics in the case HERE.)

Aguilar talked to Radar Online after his conversation with Danielle ended with her accusing him of celebrity stalking and then notifying the police. He tells the site:

“My money got her out of trouble with these drug dealers. They wanted her dead and I didn’t want them to kill her. I paid for it. We all got popped, everyone went to jail and she snitched.”

The Wayne Police Department confirmed to the site that Danielle had been there Monday morning, but they wouldn’t say anything more.

Aguilar is going to have to get in a long line of Danielle Staub vengeance seekers that begins with the rest of the cast of The Real housewives of New Jersey and ended just before his episode with a defamation lawsuit filed by Danielle’s former boyfriend Steve Zalewski after she said on the show that he had had made sex tape recordings of her without her permission.

If you have a personal beef with Danielle Staub be sure to get a number and be prepared to wait a while.

Want to get Danielle revisionist take on her own past? Be sure to pick up a copy of her memoir The Naked Truth! (You can read our review HERE)

Top Photo: DANIELLE STAUB attends the New York premiere of ‘Youth In Revolt’ held at the Regal Cinemas Union Square. January 5, 2010. (Red Carpet Pictures)