PHOTOS Victoria Justice at Ashley Argota’s 18th birthday party

Victoria Justice at Ashley Argota's 18th birthday party

Not really feeling like writing about the most recent salacious misdeeds of Charlie Sheen, I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon browsing through photos from various events looking for something worth sharing with you fine denizens of the interwebs.

The selections were refreshingly void of wardrobe malfunctions, guys with their controversial mistresses and drunken Jersey Shore cast members face down in the sand, which left me to choose between a surprisingly large number of red carpet events from Saturday night including the Directors Guild Awards as well as a handful of overseas film premieres.

The beauty bully in the sandbox was of course Sofia Vergara, who was once again a living breathing pin-up poster girl of elegance at the Directors Guild Awards, showing off her smile and the rest of her many assets in a skin-tight silver lace gown. (CLICK HERE for those photos)

The first runner up in the Miss January 30, 2011 Asa Hawks Sunday Afternoon Pageant was a bit of a surprise though. I have to confess that I hadn’t heard of Victoria Justice before I ran across a photo of her arriving at the 18th birthday party of Ashley Argota (who I also hadn’t heard of) at the W Hotel in Los Angeles last night.

Victoria Justice of Victorious

I did a little research and soon found out the reason I had never heard of Victoria Justice or Ashley Argota was not because they weren’t well-known, but simply because I’m getting old and don’t watch such successful Nickelodeon shows as True Jackson, VP (starring Ashley Argota) or Zoey 101 and Victorious (both of which star Victoria Justice). As a matter of fact, Victoria is often referred to as The Queen of Nickelodeon!

Anyways, this 17-year-old star looked fantastic at the big birthday bash in a small pewter-colored dress with black tights. And much like Sofia Vergara, Victoria appears to have a great smile and a lot of joyful poise to go with it. (Does anyone else see any similarities to Shania Twain here?)

The Queen of Nickelodeon Victoria Justice

My guess is that I will be writing a lot more about Victoria Justice in the future. She’s already working on her first album, due out this summer, and is a social media mogul who seems to spend a lot of time talking to and doing fun things with her fans. For instance, she’s currently a sponsoring a “Freak the Freak Out” contest on YouTube in which viewers are encouraged to submit videos of themselves “freaking the freak out” for a chance to win a trip to meet Victoria in person:

Welcome to Victoria! But don’t think I’m going to let you off that easy! As a celebrity blogger I have an obligation to be mean and vicious so I have to get you somehow, and that somehow is this photo from 2005 of a 12-year-old Victoria Justice in attendance at the Shark Boy and Lava Girl Premiere!

12-year-old Victoria Justice at the Shark Boy and Lava Girl Premiere in 2005

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! What? Yeah, I guess that wasn’t so bad. Oh well. Good luck to you Victoria!

Top 3 photos: Jen Lowery / Splash News
Bottom Photo: Nikki Nelson / WENN