VIDEO Meet Courtney Stodden’s goth brunette alter-ego/half-sister Courtland

Brunette Courtney Stodden as goth half sister Courtland Stodden

You can now add Courtney Stodden to the long list of people saying hateful things about Courtney Stodden! In yet another desperate cry for attention, the teen bride dressed herself up as her foul-mouthed goth brunette sister Courtland, who lashes out at her “fame wh0re” sibling and Courtney’s “old, washed up D-list, saggy-ball actor” husband, 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison in a new Youtube clip.

“Hi, my name’s Courtland. Let me just say two words: Courtney Stodden,” the video begins. “Do I have to go any further? Yeah, I kinda do. She’s my sister and she’s a sl*t. Let me just get one thing straight — Courtney and I are half-sisters. At least I have half of my f*** dignity left.”

“I’m not going to, like, my judgmental place but I’m from Washington state okay? I would never go and move to Hollywood just to marry some old, washed up D-list, saggy-ball actor. I’m not a f*** fame wh0re,” she insists, seemingly intoxicated, but likely not since she’s underage (but then again, Courtland does seem rebellious).

“My half-sister is a fake Barbie doll,” Courtland continues. “She says her hair is real, her lips are real, her eyelashes are real, oh really? Her eyebrows are real, her nose is real, her face is real, really? Now, I’m not judging, but my half-sister isn’t real… R.E.A.L. — not R.I.L.L.”

Celebridom’s second most trashy Courtland goes on to explain that she’s babysitting Courtney’s dog and how his name is so stupid. Then she strikes some suggestive poses and writhes around a bit, making out with the dog.

Courtland Stodden makes out with a dog

A few weeks ago, Courtney, who recently starred alongside her husband on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, debuted another one of her alter-egos, Courtina. You can check that video out below.

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