Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘s sixth season debuts today

Steve Harvey


Like comedy? Enjoy coffee? Then check out Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which premieres is sixth season today. The Jerry Seinfeld-helmed web series is exactly what it sounds like. In every episode, Jerry picks up a comedian friend of his (usually a stand-up; sometimes an actor known for comedy) and they drive around and chat a bit, before stopping for coffee and some food.


Jerry talking


Seinfeld is a noted car enthusiast, so the other hitch of every episode is he picks his guest up in the car he feels best represents that person’s personality. Way back in season two, for example, he picked up David Letterman in a 1995 Volvo 960 station wagon. (It did help that the car had had a racing engine installed in it by Paul Newman, but only slightly.) Part of the fun of each new episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is seeing which car Jerry chooses, and hearing his explanation for it.


Jim Carrey


Season six promises to be an unusually star-studded affair. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will feature Stephen Colbert, Steve Harvey, Bill Maher, and Trevor Noah. Two of those guys are about to inherit cherished late-night television programs and their episodes will air well in advance of their shows–Colbert’s Late Show premieres on September 8th, and Noah’s turn at the helm of The Daily Show begins September 20. So we can expect to hear all about the jittery butterflies they’re feeling.


Trevor Noah


In addition, Seinfeld alum and recent Amy Schumer guest Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be a guest. She’s the second former Seinfeld cast member to come on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; Michael “Kramer” Richards was the final coffee-getter of season one. Of all the principal cast members of Seinfeld, Dreyfus has probably the most banterous, easygoing, fun rapport with Seinfeld himself. Her episode should be a treat reminiscent of the time Elaine and Jerry smoked terrible cigars in “The Calzone.”




Each episode runs between ten and twenty minutes, and they’re a visual treat as well as an aural one. If you haven’t done so yet, get on over to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and check one out.

The first episode of season six premieres today, Wednesday, June 3rd, at 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. New episodes will launch every Wednesday at 11:30.


(Photo credits: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)

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