Catfish’s Nev Schulman childhood photo pre-chest hair

Nev Schulman as a kid before and after the chest hair

Tonight is the Season finale of MTVs highly successful Catfish: The TV Show and in honor of this momentous occasion we thought we would share a photo of host Nev Schulman back before he had all that infamous chest hair, back when he was still going by Yaniv Schulman!

Nev, seemingly always a good sport and willing to have a laugh at his own expense, posted the background photo above on Facebook last Thursday along with the caption, “GROW BACK THURSDAY: Believe it or not, there was once a time when my chest was soft and hairless…” And for those of you keeping Nev Schulman scrapbooks at home (you know who you are!), here’s the non-starcasmified original:

Catfish host Nev Schulman as a kid

And just in case you weren’t aware of Nev’s history prior to making the Catfish movie, here’s his bio from his own photography site

Yaniv Schulman has lived and worked in NYC his whole life. After 5 years of studying dance and performing internationally as a child, he began taking photos in High School. At 19 he started a film/photography production company with his brother Ariel. In 2004, Yaniv became involved with the contemporary ballet community in NYC and began photographing dance. Since then he has worked with many companies and choreographers and continues to be a passionate Balletomane. Yaniv is also involved with the youth organization Leave Out Violence (LOVE) as a founding member of the Young Leadership Committee. Vintage automobiles and motorcycles are also a big part of his life.

In honor of tonight’s season finale episode, Neve shared this excited photo along with, “OMG…CATFISH SEASON FINALE is tonight! I’m so grateful to have shared these amazing stories with all of you. And don’t worry, season 2 is right around the corner.”

Catfish Nev Schulman excited funny face

Yes, Season 2 is right around the corner (MTV made the official announcement back on December 22), but before then we have the season finale tonight at 11/10c and “Catfish: The Reunion Show” next week! Click here to find out more about the catfish reunion special, including a photo of a couple of the cast members filming it as well as info on how you can apply to be on Catfish Season 2!