Catfish’s Nev Schulman stars in girlfriend Shanee Pink’s music video for ‘Spreading In The Light’

Catfish Nev Schulman in a music video for his girlfriend Shanee Pink's song Spreading In The Light

Catfish star Nev Schulman revealed in January of 2013 that he is dating singer/songwriter Shanee Pink after one of her songs was featured on the show, and now it appears that Nev has decided to take the plunge — literally — by starring (and swimming) in Shanee’s music video for her new single, “Spreading In The Light.”

Nev shared the video on Facebook earlier today and wrote, “I’m in a music video with my girlfriend SHANEE for her upcoming album. The song is about opening your heart and letting love in. What does falling in love feel like to you?”

Shanee answered that question when describing the music video to “When you fall in love with someone, to me it always feels like you fall into a bubble — there’s no one else around,” Shanee says. “You’re submerged in this warm feeling, almost like a warm blanket. I wanted to convey that with this video, and so chose a dinner party surrounded by friends, where the lovers are totally not present except in their feelings for each other. The underwater scenes are a juxtaposition or a metaphor for how I really feel when I fall in love — just floating under water with this warm light on me, unable to hear anything but my own heartbeat.”

Catfish Nev Schulman girlfriend Shanee Pink music video for Spreading In The Light

The “Spreading In The Light” single is currently available to purchase at Bandcamp with the EP scheduled for release on March 25.

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