Catfish Season 4 premiere: Are Miracle and Kara still friends?

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As Charlamagne so eloquently put it, tonight’s Catfish could turn out to be a Drake song. Miracle Hunt found herself smitten with a music producer who texted her constantly, and even talked to her on the phone, but refused to meet her. With the help of Nev Schulman and his guest co-host Charlamagne, Miracle found out that her beau Javonni Santos was really Kara Witherspoon.

Kara even enlisted the help of her husband Rickie to make her story believable, the first husband and wife team on Catfish. On the after show Rickie says he first spoke to Miracle when Kara handed her the phone, and that once he found out what was going on, it was just too far to stop. Even with this level of deception, Miracle and Kara had really become close. Miracle was livid at first, but softened her heart to Kara after she found out she was sick with lupus, and that she really mean most of the things she said.

On the after show, the girls revealed that instead of fizzling out, their friendship has blossomed since the confrontation. They talk on the phone and even see each other in person all the time, and hung out all the time in New York when they showed up for the Catfish aftershow.

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