Jessica Shannon, 17, isn’t living with mom June Shannon anymore


June Shannon may claim she and her girls are one big, happy family. But, at the very least, they are now one big, happy family living under different roofs: June confirmed this week that 17-year-old Jessica Shannon isn’t living in her new home in Hampton, Georgia.

“The reason Jessica stayed in McIntyre is cause she only has two and half mths to graduate,” June said in all caps on Facebook. “It was a hard decision but she wanted to graduate with her friends she had been with for 10 yrs but she comes home and we talk and I’m up on all her progress still.”

June, Alana and Lauryn’s new home is more than an hour away from their old place in McIntyre. It’s unclear where Jessica is living… And what’s really strange to me is why June didn’t just stay for a few more months so that Jessica could graduate. Then again, June has earned a reputation for putting her own self-interests before those of her daughters.

On that note, June also spoke about her current relationships with Mike Thompson and convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel.

“I’m not with Mark McDaniel have not seen him since September and could care less where and what he is doing,” she said, adding she hasn’t had a “personal physical sexually relationship” with March since 2004. “Sugar Bear yes was living with us til I moved to Hampton about a mth ago but he rented a house in McIntyre behind my back… We r civil and talking no one knows the future.”

June said that, for now, she’s single and focused on her girls. She claimed she’s completed the recommended 10 parenting classes and got “physiological testing” for everyone. She added, “I’m not a perfect mom no I am not but I would never put my kids in danger.”

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