PHOTOS Noah Centineo steps into big shoes as Jesus on The Fosters

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Noah Centineo is a controversial figure for fans of ABC Family / Freeform’s hit show The Fosters. Though it’s no fault of his own: Centineo stepped in at the halfway break for The Fosters Season Three to take over the role of Jesus from Jake T. Austin, who left the show abruptly–and some would say painfully–at the end of Season Two. Fosters fans seem divided about the new addition to the cast, but the rest of Centineo’s castmates say the show’s audience just needs to get a chance to know the lad.

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Of course, it’s not as though the part of Jesus Foster is Noah Centineo’s first: sharp-eyed observers might have seen him in any number of TV appearances, from Dallas on Austin & Ally to Noah on #TheAssignment to perhaps his (previously) best-known role, as Jaden Stark in the enduring TV movie How To Build A Better Boy. Centineo is two years younger than Jake T. Austin, though, and came to the role cold: he only got one scene as Jesus, at the very end of The Fosters Season Three midpoint finale. So, things were a bit stilted, as many fans noticed:

Part of the initial awkwardness, though, might be due to a simple difference in temperament. Where Jake T. Austin is known for his brooding, oftentimes moody ways, fellow Fosters castmates describe Noah Centineo as quite groovy, gregarious, and easygoing. Hayden Byerly, who plays Jude Foster, said as much in a recent interview with Pop City Life:


Noah’s a very friendly and laid-back guy, so the moment we met him, we were all very excited to see what he could do and act in scenes with him. This whole half-season has been incredible. We’ve just welcomed him into the family…and he makes that easy. He’s very friendly and very kind with everyone, and it he makes it feel like we’ve known him for the entire three seasons. It doesn’t feel like anything’s very different. There are certain things that he’s asked us about with Jesus, so we try to help him as much as we can, but at the same time, that’s his role, so he has to kind of figure it out. But he’s great at what he does….I think people will really enjoy what he can do and what he brings to the show because he’s a great actor.


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Speaking of which, we now know from assorted social media updates that The Fosters Season Three has finished filming…


…and that, per Maia Mitchell, the cast has a two-month break before getting back together this spring to start filming The Fosters Season Four.

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And Noah Centineo certainly seems like a more laid-back dude in real life than Jesus Foster was on the show. His Twitter and Instagram feeds are a veritable New Age Feel Goodery, often full of advice and bromides meant with the very best of intentions:

But the big question remains: How will Noah Centineo step into Jesus’ shoes? We haven’t got long to wait: The Fosters returns on Freeform–formerly ABC Family–at 8 PM EST on Monday, January 25th.


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(Photo credits: Noah Centineo via Instagram)

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