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Big Tips Texas bartender Claire

MTV’s newest reality show venture Big Tips Texas is going to introduce America (and the rest of the world) to the scrumptious and rambunctious barmaids of Lewisville, Texas breastaurant Redneck Heaven, but one cast member is already pretty well known in the central part of the Lone Star State. Meet Claire Jimenez, voted Dallas’ sexiest bartender of 2012!

Claire’s friends call her Claire Bear, and from what I can tell, just about everyone is her friend — which makes sense if you’ve been working behind a bar for four years! Due to her length of tenure, Claire Bear is one of four cast member considered a “veteran,” alongside Redneck Heaven marketing director Typhani Morgan Gibbs (who Claire used to work beside on the floor), Amber “Sexy Kitty” Rosales and Sabrina de los Santos.

Big Tip Texas Claire MTV official cast photo

Claire started working at Redneck Heaven to earn money to put herself through Bartending School, but her on-the-job training behind one of the most exciting bars in Texas helped her develop her skills enough to never have to attend. “Never went to Bartending School and I’m kicking ass,” Claire told Blitz Weekly in May of last year after they named her Dallas’ Sexiest Bartender. “I just gradually moved my way up constantly trying to prove myself by giving 100% each day. And I guess it paid off.”

Actually, it paid off more than most of her customers know. According to her MTV bio, “Claire loves bartending so much that she even turned down an opportunity to work in the corporate office – an opportunity that most Redneck girls would kill for.” I suppose you can take the girl out of the bar, but…

Big Tips Texas Claire Redneck Heaven

In addition to a few tattoos and piercings, you might notice Claire has a bit of an exotic and mysterious look that makes it a little hard to pinpoint her heritage. On Twitter she says she is white, Chinese, and Mexican, which I guess would make her Tex-Mexnese? If that’s too awkward to say, just “damn fine” will do:

Claire Jiminez Big Tips Texas sexy lingerie selfie

Now that’s what I call some bartenderloins! 😉

If you’re heading to Lewisville looking to have a few drinks and pitch some woo Claire’s way, she will show you a great time (super douchebags excluded), but don’t get your hopes too high because when it’s time to punch out, Claire’s only got one open tab. In other words, Claire’s got herself a very steady hunky boyfriend (perhaps in Texas he would be called a cowboyfriend?) by the name of Colby.

Now, before you start to think you might could steal Claire away with your humility and great sense of humor, I feel pretty confident you’re not going to outmatch a guy willing to pose for a photo in these adorable pjs:

Big Tips Texas Claire Jimenez boyfriend Colby Hansen pajamas

“Houston, we have a pajama!”

You know you’re living the good life when you’re wearing a pair of space shuttle onesie pajamas with your Santa-capped and skull pjs-adorned girlfriend, who just so happens to be the sexiest bartender in Dallas, Texas. Or at least the possibility that you are living the good life seems somewhat increased over most fellers. 🙂

Blitz Weekly Claire Jimenez Dallas sexiest bartender 2013 photo

And speaking of Dallas’ Sexiest Bartender, Claire Bear was in the running once again in 2013, but Blitz Weekly won’t be making the official announcement until later today. (Sadly, if you scroll through the Top 10 finalists on their Facebook page — Claire’s photo is the one above — it appears as though Claire came in 2nd in the voting. Despite that, I think the “good life pajama formula” still works in Colby’s favor.)

Big Tips Texas premieres on MTV on October 9 at 10/9c (Yes, that is 10/9 at 10/9 in case you needed an easy way to remember), but you can keep up with Claire Jimenez before the Premiere, during, and after with these social media links:

Big Tips Texas’ Claire Bear Jimenez on Twitter: @yourchinadoll
Claire Bear Facebook page
Claire Jimenez on instagram: @yourchiinadoll (private at the time of this post)

We plan on live-tweeting the Premiere, so if you’re tuned in and have a Twitter account be sure to “tweet our ass and call us a biscuit” @starcasm! Also, be sure to check out our other Big Tips Texas profiles including Amber “Sexy Kitty” Rosales and Typhani Morgan Gibbs!

What’s that? You’d like to order four shots of sexy on the rocks just before last call on this post? Coming right up!

Claire Jimenez Big Tips Texas sexy bunny lingerie

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