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Big Tips Texas Typhani Morgan bikini photo

On October 9th MTV will be putting the T & A back in Texas as they premiere their latest reality show venture, Big Tips Texas, featuring ten super sexy and fun-loving gal pals who all work at Redneck Heaven, an infamous “breastaurant” right outside Dallas, Texas known for its scantily clad staff and risqué themed events like “ABC” (Anything But Clothes), “Naughty Schoolgirls” and “Sexy Santa’s Helpers.” All but one of the official cast members work in the restaurant as waitresses or bartenders, and that one is the person behind all those clever risqué themed events, Redneck Heaven’s head of marketing, Typhani Morgan Gibbs.

MTV Big Tips Texas Typhani Morgan Gibbs

Here’s Typhani’s bio from MTV:

Typhani is the envy of all the Redneck girls. She started out as one of them, but now works in the corporate office of Redneck Heaven, as the head of the marketing department. She’s always figuring out a new way to market the restaurant and constantly coming up with fun new marketing events to get new customers in the door. Being the boss of the girls is exhausting, and Typhani almost always has to put her foot down to keep the girls in line.

In addition to heading up marketing for RH, Typhani is also currently enrolled at University of North Texas where she is finishing up with her last semester this fall.

As it mentions in her bio, Typhani actually began as a member of the Redneck Heaven staff. I managed to track down the sexy photo at the top of this post from her days on the floor, as well as a couple bikini photos! (Yes, it was hard work.)

Click to enlarge:
Big Tips Texas Tiffany bikini topTyphani from Big Tips Texas bkini photo

Typhani getting her college education and being able to turn her Redneck Heaven waitressing job into a marketing position seems to fit perfectly with how MTV is billing the show, which is young women “working their way towards making their dreams a reality one crazy shift at a time.”

In addition to being just about one of the pertiest gals around on the outside, Typhani also has a beautiful heart, as evidenced by this next photo she shared on instagram along with the caption, “So incredibly proud to be on the board of directors for #TheMontanaMelinFoundation!!!! We are going to do GREAT things! We raised 30k+ our first month that we will use to support families of children with Down Syndrome! Thank you to our #redneckgirls and our #redneckfamily!! #redneckheaven #downsyndromeawareness”

Typhani Morgan charity Montana Melin Foundation

I must confess that I can’t remember having a bigger pre-premiere crush than the one I have on Typhani right now. 🙂 Alas, Typhani has herself a boyfriend — and not just any boyfriend either! From what I can tell she has been in a rather lengthy (and happy) relationship with Redneck Heaven owner and President William “Bill” Tinker! (That would explain why Typhani’s instagram account is under @Tinkers_Belle.) (It might also explain why they haven’t tied the knot yet, because lawd help a gal who has to go through this world with the name Typhani Tinker!) 😉

Here’s a flawless CoverGirl-worthy photo of Typh (yeah, we’re familiar now) to help get you on board the crush train:

Big Tips Texas Typhani Facebook

Woot woot! All abooooooard!

Oh, and the fact that Typhani apparently has a good sense of humor and compares herself to Michael Scott only makes my crush that much worse…


If you want to see more of Typhani be sure to tune into the Big Tips Texas premiere on October 9 at 10/9c on MTV! (If you’re afraid you’re going to forget the date and time, just remember 10/9 at 10/9!)

To keep up with Typhani offscreen, here are some of her social media links:

Big Tips Texas’ Typhani Morgan on Twitter: @TyphaniMorgan
Big Tips Texas’ Typhani Morgan Facebook page
Typhani on instagram: @tinkers_belle
Typhani on pinterest: typhani

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On a side note, after writing the opening sentence of this article I think I have come up with a marketing suggestion for Typhani. “Redneck Heaven, because you can’t spell Texas without SEX and T & A!”

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