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Lark Voorhies’ ex says sex tape for sale following ‘hacked’ Instagram diatribe

Former Saved By the Bell star Lark Voorhies finds herself in the news for all the wrong reasons as the fallout from her split with former gang member Jimmy Green worsens. She says she was hacked after an epic rant about Green's average sized, smelling like corn chips manhood, was posted to her Instagram account. He followed that up by saying he has a sex tape that "shows everything." See the Instagram post, get Green's crazy comments about the tape, find out about Lark's mom filing a restraining order against Green and see a bizarre interview in which Voorhies addresses her mom's claim that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Screech actor Dustin Diamond sentenced to 4 months for bar stabbing incident

Saved By the Bell alum Dustin Diamond will be spending 120 days behind bars and has been ordered to pay restitution to the victim after his headline-grabbing stabbing incident in a Port Washington, Wisconsin bar last December. Dustin escaped a felony conviction, but a jury found him guilty of misdemeanor counts of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.