Bruce Jenner in talks to debut as a woman on Dancing With The Stars

BJen 2


Rumors about Bruce Jenner’s big post-sex change debut have been swirling for weeks–and it looks like we might finally have a clearer idea about when to expect the big reveal. According to several reports, Jenner is in talks with the producers of Dancing With The Stars about coming on the show as a woman. Says an insider, “[Jenner] wants his public debut as a woman to be very big, and there is no better platform than going on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ He’s taking a cue from Chaz Bono. Bruce was so impressed with how he handled himself on the show.”

According to the same insider, the Olympian wanted to make his debut on the show’s just-premiered current season, but the timing wasn’t right. “Since he is planning on undergoing a sex change operation this summer,” said the source, “the fall would be a perfect time for Bruce to introduce himself to the world as a woman.”

DWTS hasn’t had a summer series since its American premiere in 2005. Since 2007, the Spring series has aired beginning every March, and the Fall series beginning every September. If that timing holds, we’ll get to see Jenner’s first public appearances just a few months from now.

Are you excited to see what September brings? Or will you be over this story by then?


(Photo credits: WENN)

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