AUDIO Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas interview finally released! With transcript

Tanya Douglas and Jake Pavelka

It has been a loooooong time coming, but Panama City, Florida radio station WILN 106 has finally gotten the go ahead to release their telephone interview with the Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas, and that’s exactly what they did this morning with part one of at least two of Tanya’s stunning tale of betrayal and outright shadiness on the part of Jake Pavelka.

Here is the complete audio from the Tanya Douglas interview featuring Steve “That Guy” Kramer with co-hosts Holly and Miguel:

In this first part of the interview, which appears to be edited quite a bit (probably a good thing), Tanya describes in detail how she met Jake just prior to his appearance on The Bachelorette, how he appeared on that show without her really knowing and when he told Tanya he had been offered the role of The Bachelor.

During this time, according to Tanya, the couple got very serious. Jake even took a trip to Tanya’s hometown of Marianna, Florida to meet her parents. He had a private conversation with Tanya’s father during which he told her dad that Tanya “was the love of his life, that God had lead [them] together.”

Jake Pavelka and ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas

Tanya has also done an interview with Life and Style magazine, which may have been the catalyst for allowing WILN to legally release their interview that may tell us some of what’s in store for Part Two of the interview:

…in December, Jake dropped the bombshell that, despite the fact that he had just proposed to Vienna on TV, he was still in love with Tanya. “He said over the phone, ‘Ever since that day I saw you get on that plane in Asheville, I’ve never loved anyone more.'”

FINALLY! After weeks of hem-hawing around and an anti-climactic appearance on The Insider, we’re finally getting some real dirt! Life & Style even has photos of Tanya and Jake looking pretty intimate as well as text messages from Jake. (see above) This should be fun, so stay tuned!

Here’s the complete WILN interview, Part One:

Kramer: I know that a lot of people are probably going to say, “Why in the world did the Panama City radio station get this interview first?” you’re from Marianna, correct?

Tanya: I’m from Marianna, Florida – Jackson County.

Kramer: That’s really cool.

Miguel: That’s right up the road from us!

Kramer:It’s a small town, you know? So were – well, first off, thank you so much for giving us the privilege to hear the story before anybody else.

Tanya: You’re welcome.

Kramer: Okay, so let’s go ahead and delve into the situation…is that you and Jake dated from when until when?

Tanya: We dated from May until October of 2009. We met on an airplane in July of 2008, and as soon as I walked on the plane I looked to the left and I would say, if there is a such thing as love at first sight, that was it. And I’ve never experienced it, and I thought, “that’s the man I’m going to marry.” And later he told me he thought the same way. The woman comes back to ask me if I wanted any water or anything, she said “and here’s a note from the captain.”

Kramer: Ahhhh.

Tanya: The note said his name, his phone number, and said, “I hope you have a happy 4th and I would love to hear from you.” Well, so a month later I couldn’t quit thinking about him and so I called and I said, “You may not remember me, but this is Tanya I was the girl -” and he cut me of. He’s like, “Tanya, I remember you, absolutely. I’m so happy that you called.” And I said, “I know this is going to be a little forward but are you by any chance flying to Asheville this weekend?” And he said, “Let me see what I can do.” And he called me back in an hour and he had changed all his plans and made arrangements to come to Asheville.

So anyhow, he comes to Asheville and we have our first date, and our second date – we went out twice. But one of the comments he made was, “I applied to be on The Bachelor,” and he’s like, “and I was going to be on The Bachelor, but they told me that they didn’t want me at the time because I had previous acting experience.”

Kramer: Ohhh!

Tanya: And I said, “I think that that show is just really silly, like why would you want to do that? Like you know, you would never have a real relationship in your life ever after that because you’re always gonna be “that dude from The Bachelor.” I said, “I think that’s a terrible idea.”

Kramer: I’m sorry, one thing I don’t think we all realize, or maybe I didn’t, Holly you may have, is that he does have acting experience?

Tanya: Yes, he played a mini-Walker, or the little Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger [laughter] like whenever Chuck Norris would have flashbacks.

Holly: Wow!

Miguel: So that’s why he cried so much! Now we understand.

Tanya: Whenever he told me that, I’m like “that’s either the dumbest or the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.” [laughter]

Holly: You can’t – I wouldn’t know where to go with that.

Kramer: At this point have you guys made any kind of, “Hey. we’re in a relationship,” any kind of an agreement between you and him?

Tanya: No. Because I was technically dating someone else back and forth and I was mad at him at that time.

[laughter] Holly: So you were like, “I’m going to see what happens here.”

Tanya: It was nothing, like physical or anything, we were having dinner.

[garbled – all four talking at the same time]

Tanya: So he was telling me about, he was bragging to me on [inaudible] he was in like in the top four finalists to be on The Bachelor, and that was just a major turn off for me. I’m thinking, “Why?” I mean, what is this starvation for attention that this guy wants? I just don’t get it. Then he called me about a couple months before he went to film The Bachelorette and he told me on the phone, he was like, “I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be going to L.A. for a little while and I’m going to a little bit elusive, so if you can’t reach me for the next couple of months or so, you know, I’ll be in L.A.” And I didn’t ask any questions, I’m like he’s a pilot, he’s probably out there doing some kind of flight training, I didn’t ask him why he was going to L.A. I didn’t know at the time, but this is when he was leaving to go on The Bachelorette and he texted and called me about a month later wanting to meet again. And when he wanted to meet again, he wanted to come down to Gainesville for my graduation. And it just wasn’t the time because I had family in town.

So, we kept talking back and forth. A week after my graduation I was starting a job which required me to go back and forth between Florida and Nassau, Bahamas. So I was going to the Orlando airport to fly to Nassau and I called him just to see if he was possibly in Orlando or we could make arrangements to see one another when I got back. And he was out in Dallas, he said you know that he was busy doing things with his limo business and I said, “Well that’s fine. I’ll tell you what, I’ll just. you know, you won’t be able to reach me because I’ll be in Nassau, but I’ll just call you whenever I get back to Florida.” And he said, Okay, that sounds great.”

And while I was in Nassau I get a frantic Facebook message from my sister saying, “Oh my gosh! Jake the pilot is on Bachelorette! That guy that you went out with in Asheville is on The Bachelorette.” And I said, Really!?!” And so of course I googled it and his picture came up and I thought, “You know what? Good for him. That’s what he wanted, and it finally happened for him,” and I thought, “I’m not gonna call him whenever I get back from Nassau because I don’t wanna mess up if he’s happy with someone else, I don’t wanna mess that up for him.”

Miguel: Well, if you’re talking to someone and they’re on a dating show, you don’t really want to be like, “Hey, you still wanna go out to dinner?”

Tanya: Right. But I said I was gonna call him. I normally follow up on what I say I’m gonna do. He didn’t answer. I left a voicemail. I said, “Hey! I’m just calling you back because I said that I would and you know, if you want to, you know, just give me a call back and you know, maybe I’ll talk to you soon,” and hung up. And I thought, “I’ll never hear from him again and that’s fine.” Well, that wasn’t the last I heard from him. The next day he called me and asked if he could come the following day to come to Gainesville and take me out. And I thought, “Well! this is interesting.”

When he came to Gainesville, and he arrived, we ended up going to dinner and going out and having a cocktail and we had absolutely the best time. The next day he was at my apartment and he asked me if he could use my computer. He’s over there and he’s googling something, and he stopped, and he turns around and he says, “You know my secret.” And he had pulled up the search history where I had searched his name, like whenever my sister told me he was on Bachelorette. He did not know that I knew.

One episode had aired and I had not seen it. He’s like, “Wellllll,” he was like, “I wanted to tell you so bad, but I’m not allowed to say it first. Like, if you already know we can talk about it, but you know I’m not allowed to like tell you that I was on there.” And he says, “Do you have any like,” He was like, ” I just had this like amazing time with you last night and you know, and I really would like to see where this goes.” And I said, “You know what? You did that for whatever reason before you and I had this incredible date last night and everything is just falling into place. I would just love to see where this goes too. An I’m sure that you can’t tell me any details about the show. And I can’t imagine that you’re possibly engaged to someone else right now. And we had just such and amazing time last night.”

Kramer: And forgive my ignorance here, but how well did he do in this whole thing? On The Bachelorette?

Tanya: In Jillian’s season?

Kramer: Yes.

Tanya: He tells everyone that he was cut off at five, but he was cut at seven. From that day forward we started dating.

Kramer: From that point forward you guys are exclusive?

Tanya: Yes.

Kramer: Okay. Let’s skip to the part of: where does he find out that he is The Bachelor?

Tanya: That’s interesting because he never would tell me directly that “I know,” you know, “I know that.” We took a trip together on the Fourth of July and we went up to Marianna and I brought him to my parents’ house, he met my mom and dad. He told my dad in private that I was the love of his life, that God had lead us together –

Holly: He told your dad that?!? Wow

Tanya: He told my mom, “I love your daughter. I’m in love with her.” Anyhow, we came back to Gainesville and he was acting really, really funny. Like, he would walk outside to answer his phone call, like “This is the network, I have to take this.” and would walk like outside of my apartment. He technically wasn’t supposed to be dating anyone new at the time because that would king of give away the fact that he wasn’t marrying Jillian.

Kramer: Right.

Tanya: Anyhow, that night he told me that the network had called him and said, and basically offered him to be The Bachelor, and I said, “Well, what’d you say?” And he said, “I told them that I was with you and that I was in love with you and that I definitely want to see where this goes.” He’s like, “I don’t want to do The Bachelor any more.” And I said, “You know how I feel about you. I love you very much, but I don’t want you ever in life looking at me and regretting anything. But if there’s any doubt in your mind, then I don’t ever want you to ever look at me and say, ‘What if?'”

And he’s like, “And Yeah, I don’t.” He’s like, “I’ve made the decision. I’m with you. I love you, and I don’t want to do The Bachelor any more.”

Kramer: At this point have you guys talked about marriage at all?

Tanya: Yes.

Kramer: Did you think that you and him were going to get married?

Tanya: Yes I did, because he never spoke about “if we get married,” he always spoke about “when we get married.”

Kramer: So at this point in the story it sounds like a fairy tale, right? But you are not going to believe what Jake told Tanya his reasonings on why he had to be on The Bachelor! It is by far one of the shadiest things I’ve ever heard in my life! And we’ll tell you what that is when our exclusive interview with Tanya continues tomorrow morning, 7:30. (central time)

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