Brown family reportedly filming a reality show in the midst of Bobbi Kristina’s crisis


Although coping with 21-year-old Bobbi Kristina’s medical crisis is surely stressful enough, some members of Bobby Brown’s family have reportedly taken on the new challenge of filming a reality show.

Sources close to production told TMZ that participants include Bobby’s sisters, his brother, some of his nieces and nephews. Bobby’s lawyer said the grieving father isn’t involved.

Last weekend, sister Leolah hinted at the coming reality show in a Facebook post…

“Never will I try to make a name for myself to make one appear bad or ugly in others eyes… for my only interest is The Truth and the well being of my niece Bobbi Kriss Period. With that said stay tuned for THE TRUTH coming from MY mouth,” she said. “For there is much that is serious and needs to be said to help others coming afterwards. My niece Bobbi Kriss is painfully suffering because of the neglect and greed that certain ones who on a daily basis maliciously aimed to simply see her where she is today.”

TMZ reports cameras haven’t been allowed in the hospital, but the Browns “have regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk about the tragedy.” It also sounds like there is plenty more drama to fuel the show. Just last month, sister Tina got into a nasty fight with her son, Shayne Brown, at Bobby’s birthday party. As the police report explained, “Mr. Brown stated that while arguing with his mother, she spit in his face and hit him in the head with a glass bottle.” He had to get stitches, but declined to press charges. (They are pictured together at top after the fight.)

There’s no word on the name of the show or what network would be willing to air it.

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