Browdazzling, brow bling: Fab fashion, or faux pas?

image-147226 alignleft” title=”Chanel Glitter brows browdazzling” src=”” alt=”Chanel 2012 sparkle rhinestone brows” width=”139″ height=”193″ />

The breakout star of Karl Lagerfeld’s 2012 Chanel Women’s Fall line are his Glitter Brows (a.k.a. “Browdazzling.”) What do you think about that this brow bling? Would you wear it yourself?

Honestly, I don’t see the average person, or the average celebrity rocking these new rhinestone-laden brows, but they seem to be right up the alley of Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry. Any one of these pop princesses could rock these with a little Hello Kitty sprinkled in.

It also reminds a bit of the debauched excess style of the evil elite on The Hunger Games, but I could be wrong! This COULD be an upcoming style trend. CLICK HERE For a better close-up pic.

What do you think?


Makeup artist Peter Phillips explained how this sparkly eyebrow thing started:

The theme [of the show] is minerals—there are minerals coming out of the set!—so Karl made a sketch and he [Karl Lagerfeld] wanted minerals on the eye.

PHOTO: Getty

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