Hit or miss? Christina Aguilera debuts pink hair at the pumpkin patch

Christina Aguilera pink hair extensions
The Voice judge and “Your Body” singer Christina Aguilera debuted some new two-toned pink and blonde hair at her trip to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with 4-year-old Max and boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

Although her hair screamed rock-n-roll with electric pink (extensions?), her outfit was fit for a relaxing day at the pumpkin patch. She wore a blue-and-pink plaid shirt over some jeans. Max was lookin’ pretty dapper, though in his fedora.

Christina recently spoke about juggling being a pop icon and a mom:

“I really have a good compartmentalizing system. I can wear different hats — for example, the artist hat. When I’m on that stage and I’ve been in the wardrobe getting dressed up to play a character, I am living out a specific moment in a song. The purpose of it is to come off tongue-in-cheek, or playful, and experience my own sexuality and embrace what I am doing as a woman. That hat is very different to the one I wear when I go home at night and I tuck my son in and I’m singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Do you like Christina’s new hair?

Christina aguilera pink hair max matthew rutler boyfriend

Christina Aguilera hair pink pumpkin patch