Brooks Ayers’ baby mama Nicolette Catanzarite says Brooks never sees their 3-year-old child

Vicki Gunvalson has received plenty of backlash since engaging in a relationship with Brooks Ayers. Ayers’ dirty laundry was broadcast on the internet shortly after they began dating and fans were shocked at what they saw. Ayers is a dead beat dad who owes child support to the mother of his children. He was even thrown behind bars for his lack of payment. After all the negative things she said about Slade, how could she date someone like that? Now, Ayers’ baby mama is dishing even more to the press.

Nicolette Catanzarite, the mother of Ayers’ three-year-old son, is speaking to ABC’s 20/20, and not holding back. “He has not supported his child. He bailed on the hospital bill, the pediatrician bill, and left me with all of it.”

Nicolette Catanzarite says Brooks Ayers is a deadbeat dad on 20/20

“I met Brooks in 2007 in Atlanta on a golf trip and he was just kind of a Southern charmer without a doubt.” Catanzarite said. “He did mention he was going through a divorce and was legally separated and that he had three children. It wasn’t appropriate that he would ask me to marry him while he was still married so he gave me a promise ring.”

Catanzarite also revealed that when they first began their relationship, Ayers claimed to not want anymore children and even told her he had a vasectomy. However, a few months later, Catanzarite found out she was pregnant. Soon after their son’s birth, Ayers disappeared and hasn’t been in their son’s life since.

“No birthdays, no cards for Christmas, no phone calls, nothing,” Catanzarite said. Two years ago, she filed for child support and Ayers was ordered to pay her $700 per month, which she says she hasn’t been getting. Ayers was even arrested for his failure to pay.

Ayers denies all of Catanzarite’s claims. “I speak to my kids every day,” Ayers recently said during a recent interview, and his girlfriend Vicki is standing by him. Hopefully, Vicki won’t blame Tamra for this!

UPDATE – Watch the 20/20 clip and see more photos of Nicolette Catanzarite (with and without Brooks Ayers) here!