“Boob Job Teacher” shows before-and-after photos to class

Teach Three


An unnamed Virginia woman is being called the “Boob Job Teacher” after sharing before-and-after photos of her augmentation with students in her class.

The teacher remains unnamed because she hasn’t yet been charged with a crime. What she’s accused of, though, is taking out her cellular telephone during class and using it to show her students photographs of her breasts before the augmentation surgery she had recently–and, then, to show further photos of her post-surgery breasts.

Parents are not amused. Said one mother, “To me that’s pornographic, it’s not okay. It’s not okay. I hope it’s not true.”

According to the investigative report, the incident occurred approximately two months ago, just at the outset of spring. Students discussed the incident outside of class; word went up the chain to the administration; and the teacher resigned on April 17.

Now, though, she may face criminal charges. The 34-year-old taught at Woodside High School down in Newport News VA, where police are scouring the student body for her former pupils, in order to ascertain just what went on in the classroom.

Police have also secured the teacher’s iPhone, and will be looking at its deleted files. According to one student, the phone also contained photos of the woman’s “lower genitals.”

The woman is still known only as the “Boob Job Teacher,” for now.


(Photo credits: Teachers all via Flickr)

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