Snoop Dogg tells Texas to back the F off Willie Nelson

My older brother once confided in me that his ultimate automatic “get out of my car” first date scenario for him would be if the subject of Willie Nelson came up and his date were to state, “Oh I hate Willie Nelson.”  You can not like his music, you can not care for his “ahem” vices but if you hated Willie Nelson, he argued, there was something inherently wrong with your soul.  Not only do I agree with his analysis but none other than the ambassador of Long Beach ethics Snoop Dogg does too.

If you aren’t aware, the country music legend was recently arrested in Hudspeth County, Texas for possession of 6oz of marijuana after his bus was searched.  He posted bail and was out a short time after but many legal pundits believe that The Red Headed Stranger has a good chance to face substantial jail time in the very state where it used to be said that, “When Texans die they don’t think they go to heaven, they go to Willie’s house.”

Fighting hard not to overstate my case Snoop Dogg was asked Saturday night what he thought about the arrest and I can’t recall anyone ever communicating how I felt about a self perceived injustice as well as S-N-D-O-Double-G did.  There’s respect and then there’s truth.  What Snoop had to say is genuine respectful truth and just so happened to come during his appearance at The Annual Players Ball!

TMZ has the video so you’ll have to go here to check it out.  When your’re done seeing the vid here’s the full (just a little bit censored) transcript for Snoop Dogg’s comments in regards to Willie Nelson’s recent arrest:

Q: Hey Snoop what did you think about Willie, Willie Nelson getting caught with 6oz of weed out in Texas?

D-O-Double-G: Man, they better leave Willie the fu*k alone man.  How could you be fuc*ing with Willie man?  Willie Nelson is a legend man.  Realistically sometimes you need to back up off certain people and have a certain amount of respect for our elders and Willie Nelson is our elder.  He’s someone who lived through many decades of music and hard times and what not and living good and going up and down.  Give him that respect.  Who’s the mother fuc*er that arrested him?  That’s what I want to know.  Who’s the police officer that said you’re under arrest and you have the right to remain silent?  You dumb mother fuc*er.  Fu*k you, you stupid mother fu*ker.  Fu*k you.  What do you think you’re going to gain by arresting Willie Nelson?  He got out and he’s back smoking right now!

I was standing in front of my computer screen hollering Amen!  After Snoop’s Willie sermon the reporter at The Players Ball 2010 asked Snoop what his favorite “kush” was, a term for marijuana, and he told the reporter it was Snoop kush of course and then sang Willie’s hit, “You Were Always On My Mind” in dedication to his favorite smoke. 

Before exiting Snoop had a personal message for Willie:

“You know I love you Willie. I love you to death like a mother fuc*er Willie.  You know you my fuc*ing peoples and like I said before and I say again, if you got a problem with Willie Nelson you got a problem with me.”

That goes for me too but in a much less not looking fly at a Players Ball kind of way.  Since Snoop asked, the man who is responsible for incarcerating Willie is Sheriff Arvin West who has previously advocated for the arming of his county residents to fight the border war on drugs.  You can read up on him and see a video of the eleven-gallon-hat wearing law dog in a Fox News video here.

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