BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Trisha Paytas woos Sojaboy, Baby Girl Lisa is NOT HAPPY

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As a result of millions of Americans being forced to shelter at home during the current coronavirus pandemic, the ratings for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days are through the roof! Add in social distancing, spare time, plus the internet, and the result is A LOT of creative displays of appreciation (or gleeful condemnation) of the show and the cast on social media.

YouTuber and professional hot mess Trisha Paytas decided to show her appreciation for the “true love” between Nigerian rapper Usman (aka Sojaboy) and his American shawty Lisa Hamme (aka Baby Girl Lisa) by sharing a video of herself dancing poolside to the international smash hit, “I Love You.”

The one-minute video features Trisha wearing a thong bikini as she squirms about — initially standing up with low-riding shorts, and eventually laying shorts-less on a cushion shaking her 90 Dayriere.

“This one goes out to Baby Girl Lisa ??,” Trisha captioned the clip. “The love that you and @officialsojaboy share is so pure and real ?? I hope to find someone who loves me this much ? I dedicate this dance to finding true love ?”

You can click here to view the clip (it’s about 55% not SFW-ish a little bit).


Trisha has 2.4 million Instagram followers, and her tribute video did not go unnoticed by Sojaboy. He re-posted it on his Instagram page and quoted most of Trisha’s caption.

Trisha then shared an Instagram story post in response. “Uh oh ? @officialsojaboy reposted my video ?,” she wrote over a screen capped image of Usman’s post. “Baby Girl Lisa ?? gon be real mad,” she added.

[There was also a reported Instagram live stream in which Trisha was joined by Sojaboy. I haven’t been able to find the video and cannot confirm that the live took place.]

Trisha was right. Lisa immediately slid right into Trisha’s DMs and made it extremely clear that she is THE official Sojagirl and Trisha had better back her bare bouncin’ booty on up!

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

Not concerned about violating her non-disclosure agreement in a private conversation, Lisa sent Trisha photos from her and Usman’s Nigerian wedding (that we posted late last year) before going off on Baby girl Trisha: “My husband made you to look foolish,” Lisa wrote.

Lisa then shared Trisha’s post claiming Lisa was “gon be real mad” before writing: “Nah b*tch you looking f**king stupid Bc that’s my husband ?.”

Trisha was quick to clear things up with her reply. “Baby love he loves u not me. I’m just a fan. I celebrate ur love by dancing to ur song ???.” She added the following commentary to the screen cap of the DM messages: “I’m no home wrecker ✌️”

Unfortunately for Trisha, Baby Girl Lisa still has some serious jealousy issues, and she wasn’t buying the Platonic tribute angle that Trisha was selling. The ladies’ conversation quickly goes off the rails, including an attempted Nigerian husband auction, murder threats, and a failed polygamist proposal.

Here is a transcript of Trisha and Baby Girl Lisa’s correspondence courtesy of Trisha, picking up right after Trisha’s assurance that her poolside thong squirming was just a tribute. The transcript includes Trisha’s commentary from her screen cap posts and is followed by galleries of the actual screen caps:

LISA: Well not according to viewers. My page has been blowing up Bc you did a live with him ?.

TRISHA: Can we share him?

LISA: Nope. Unless you pay me big money ?.

TRISHA: How much?

[TRISHA COMMENTARY]: She really trying to sell her husband rn? ?

LISA: Lol You couldn’t afford me. An since you have made some serious haters today, I’m sure they will mk your life hell.


LISA: [Posts photos of her wedding again, plus what might be a screen cap of Trisha’s live with Sojaboy, but it is cut off.] My husband and I are muslim an your profession is haram.


[There could be a little bit of the conversation left out at this point — it’s unclear from the DM screen caps.]


LISA: Unless you are second third.

TRISHA: I’m fine being third.

LISA: Bc see I’m the top wife an by Islamic Usman has to be able to afford first wife and Usman is dead f**king broke ?

TRISHA: Ok so can we be sister wives or what?

TRISHA: I can afford all of us by being a haram. Don’t worry about that. My v@gina pays well.

LISA: No see hookers are not permitted ?

TRISHA: Oh but I just like to show my v@gina. No one goes inside.

TRISHA: And I’ll be a wife.

LISA: An his family would have you killed.

TRISHA: Okay. I can’t be in this marriage any more.

LISA: You are stupid.

TRISHA: I gotta go.


TRISHA: Ur right.




TRISHA: Please don’t murder me.




LISA: ??


[TRISHA COMMENTARY]: If anything happens to me ?????

Before the 90 Days Baby Girl Lisa and Trisha Paytas DMs about Sojaboy Usman

LISA: Worry about his siblings not me.

[Another potential gap.]

TRISHA: Sorry boo. I love u and ur man. No disrespect.

LISA: You are funny.

TRISHA: I like his song for u. That’s all. ??

LISA: But watch your page Bc I see your @ss is blocked. I warned you, you f**k with my husband my fans going report you ? ?‍♀️

LISA: Going be fun baby huh.

[TRISHA COMMENTARY]: Baby girl Lisa fans don’t come for me!!!! They’re my favorite this season.

Here are the screen caps as re-posted by @90dayfiancenow on Instagram:

In addition to paying tribute to Sojaboy, Trisha has apparently been hitting up other 90 Day Fiance cast members as well. She did an Instagram live session with Geoffrey Paschel in which she reveals that she hates Varya more than anyone else in the history of the show, and Geoffrey laughs along.

On one of the Instagram galleries embedded above, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg wrote the following comment: “She’s f**king with everyone. Trish needs to leave. I’m so angry.” Baby Girl Lisa replied to Deavan’s comment by writing: “She truly a freakin pig ?”

If the show ever starts filming again after the pandemic, I think we may have found a new hostess for the Couples Tell All! Or at least a new cast member for Pillow Talk. I’m sure Trisha would be up for both!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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