The Bachelorette‘s “Brokeback Bachelors” aren’t really gay, but do enjoy showering together

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The Bachelorette‘s big gay reveal has everything you want in a moment of reality TV tension: shock, surprise, and lasciviousness. The only problem with the program’s so-called “Brokeback Bachelors” is that they aren’t really gay.

The promo ABC’s been airing ahead of Monday’s “reveal” episode would have you believe that Clint and JJ are ready to jump the show’s ship and swim for South Beach:



The moment promises to be good television…just not television based in reality. (A departure for The Bachelorette, to be sure.) According to reports from the set of the show, Clint and JJ might be the “Brokeback Bachelors” when the cameras are rolling, but, off-screen, they’re both “straight as arrows.”

Apparently they did have a genuine bromance while in the running for Kaitlyn’s hand, but don’t hold hands themselves. Though they did enjoy showering together. And pounding beers together (in the shower). And sudsing each other up, back-style. In the shower.

To hear the brokeback bachelors tell it, they’re both used to playing team sports, and to the communal showers that come after. So it’s just something they’re used to. But nothing more than that.



(Photo credits: ABC)

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