REPORT: Miley Cyrus has been dating a Rolling Stone photographer since before split with Liam


Although the provocative singer told Ellen DeGeneres she was “obsessed with being alone,” The Huffington Post reports that Miley Cyrus is definitely dating Rolling Stone photographer Theo Wenner, and has been since this summer before she and Liam publicly split. Now, because of PR shenanigans, it’s iffy when exactly she and Liam broke up privately, so this doesn’t necessarily mean she cheated if she was dating Theo this summer.


26-year-old Theo previously dated Liv Tyler, and is the son of Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner. The HuffPo’s source says Miley and Theo have been dating since he shot her racy Rolling Stone cover.

A source told E News that the two are not dating, but are simply “new friends.”

While Miley was in New York, she reportedly invited Theo to her SNL hosting gig, and snuck out of her Bangerz launch to meet up with him at The Plaza.

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