Spencer Pratt is back and wants to heal us all, but can he heal himself?

Since he played a “villain” on the heavily scripted reality series The Hills, Specner Pratt has gone to college and gotten addicted to expensive crystals. In fact, his search for healing through alternative medicine seems to insatiable, and now he’s sharing it with other reality stars and whoever tunes into his show today on MTV.

In the preview clip for the new show, Spencer Pratt Will Heal You, Spencer confesses that he “hated” who he was after The Hills wrapped so he set up on a path to find spiritual healing. I”Here on this new series, we’re going to seek enlightenment, positive energy and new tools that can help myself and you all love ourselves.”

“Sometimes you’ll be like, ‘Is this real? Is he for real?'” he says. “I’m for real . . . Ultimately we’re all going to just get lit off of light and energy and love.”

Spencer’s longtime wife Heidi Montag will also make some cameos in the series. Are you ready for Spencer Pratt to (attempt) to heal you?

Spencer Pratt Will Heal You premieres today at 4 p.m. E.T.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor