AUDIO What do other swingers say about A&E’s Neighbors With Benefits?



A&E’s Neighbors With Benefits has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of months, largely for its fun, outlandish premise. And, while some of that attention has focused on whether or not the show is genuine or full of out-of-state actors, lately, it’s taking some heat from an unexpected group: namely, other swingers!

Holli and Michael, the hosts of Playboy Radio’s “Swing” program, are none too pleased with the NwB cast for what they say is some misinformation the show is spreading about the swinging lifestyle. You might be tickled to hear that the thing they’re most ticked about is the notion that swingers have to be hot to be included! H&M say people of all shapes and sizes are welcome, and that that’s what true swinging is about.

While Tony and Diana say that only hot people could participate in “The Lifestyle” in the pilot episode, it seemed more like they were joking than being serious. Of course, everyone at their house party was pretty good looking, so it’s not like they could have asked the uglies to leave quietly and never speak of this again. Still, it’s possible that Playboy’s swinging folk are having a hard time finding a sense of humor in something they clearly hold dear.



In related news, Tony and Diana gave an in-depth interview to 700 WLW radio’s Scott Sloan just in advance of Sunday’s NwB episode. The 30-minute chat covers all manner of topics: from Tony and Diana’s attitude toward closed-minded members of their neighborhood to how they plan to explain The Lifestyle to their children, especially since the kids’ parents are now all over TV.

Did you watch Episode Two? What did you think? Are you as upset with Brittany as everyone else seems to be? Do you with A&E had shown what we could only assume was angry make up sex between Tony and Diana? What do you think about the show so far?


(Photos credits: Tony and Diana on FB; Jason on FB)

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