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A&E’s swingers reality series Neighbors With Benefits canceled after 2 episodes

Despite getting some pretty strong numbers for the premiere episode, A&E has canceled their swingers reality series Neighbors With Benefits after just two weeks. Keep reading to watch a video announcement from cast member Tony, who shares his thoughts on the show getting cancelled so quickly as well as whether or not fans will ever get to see the remaining seven episodes.

PHOTOS Meet the cast of A&E swinger reality series Neighbors With Benefits

A&E is expanding the ever-growing scope of reality televisions coverage of lifestyles, occupations and subcultures not familiar to mainstream America as they take their cameras to suburban Ohio to document the lives of married couples living as swingers in the new "real-life series" Neighbors With Benefits premiering March 22. Keep reading to find out more about the show, including photos of some of the couples featured.