PHOTOS: Christina Hendricks in Playboy from 1999 shooters ad

Christina Hendricks Playboy shooters

Do you recognize the gal wearing the blond wig on the far right in this 1999 ad for shooters?  Maybe the wig throws you off but I bet there is something about those ta-tas that seem familiar.  That’s right!  That is none other than “Mad Men’s” ambassador of curves Christina Hendricks.

Playboy tweeted these two wonderful vintage ad images with a guess who tag.  Its hard to keep the focus off the “tanned” dude on the ground or the other clown behind him but there is always something about Christina’s figure that manages to stand out on camera.  It guess the new XTina was ready to party like it was 1999.  Big shout out to Playboy for letting the world have another look at some vintage Hendricks!

Oh yeah, the other photo:

Christina Hendricks Playboy 1999

Boo yeah!